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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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FERC rule to spark energy transmission building nationwide; Rudy Giuliani pleads not guilty to felony charges in Arizona election interference case; new digital tool emerges to help MN students with FAFSA woes; WY governor to talk property tax shifts at tele town hall.

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Israel's Prime Minister says the new I-C-C charges are unfair. Trump's lawyers found more classified documents in Mar-a-lago, months after an FBI's search. And a new report finds election deniers are advancing to the fall election.

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Americans are buying up rubber ducks ahead of Memorial Day, Nebraskans who want residential solar have a new lifeline, seven community colleges are working to provide students with a better experience, and Mississippi's "Big Muddy" gets restoration help.


Fungal decay and fire both break down hydrogen and carbon bonds, a process that releases energy. But while fire releases heat, mushrooms absorb that energy like people do when digesting food. (Adobe Stock)
Mushrooms can help prevent mega-wildfires

By Stephen Robert Miller for the Food and Environment Reporting Network.Broadcast version by Eric Galatas for Colorado News Connection reporting for t…

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Since 2023, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department has completed more than 5,300 excavations to determine if households have lead water lines. (Rick Beauregard)
MI leaders mark progress in removing lead water lines

It has been a decade since the massive fallout from the Flint water crisis. Now, Michigan leaders are highlighting their progress in removing lead …

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A study by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health found lead pipes were used, and often required, before being banned in the U.S. in 1986. Many cities still use lead water pipes installed prior to the ban. (Adobe Stock)
A spigot of federal money opens, clean water one goal

The Environmental Protection Agency said the country's aging systems of water pipes are hotbeds for chemical and lead contamination. More lead …

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According to the EPA, Georgia has warmed less than most of the nation in the last century but in the next few decades, the changing climate is likely to harm livestock and increase the number of unpleasantly hot days and heat-related illnesses. (Laura Ballard/Adobe Stock)
Scientists call on moms to help fight climate change

Mothers from a nonpartisan climate science group are gearing up for summer, getting the word out to Georgia families on how more frequent and extreme …

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Local oyster harvesters help deploy limestone rock, a restoration material, for the Apalachicola Bay System Initiative oyster reef restoration experiments. (Courtesy FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory)
Community effort aims to restore Apalachicola Bay oyster harvests, livelihoods

Since the 2020 collapse of the famed Apalachicola Bay oyster fishery, people who made their livelihoods on the bay have been counting on local …

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The Tennessee Lead and Copper Rule tests taps at risk of lead contamination. If more than 10% exceeds the limit, water systems must take action. (GDM photo and video/Adobe Stock)<br /><br />
EDF maps show progress on Tennessee lead service line replacement

Tennessee has fallen behind on lead service line replacement, with the Environmental Defense Fund's new maps showing only one utility with a public …

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Revenues from oil and gas extraction in New Mexico are higher than ever, having grown by about 10% over the past year. (Adwo/AdobeStock)
NM agency considers new rule on fracked wastewater

What the extraction industry calls "produced water" is the subject of hearings this week in New Mexico. The term applies to water coming out of the …

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Maine's aquaculture harvest more than doubled in volume and in value over the past decade. It creates more than $100 million in annual revenue for the state, according to the Maine International Trade Center. (Adobe Stock)<br />
New England groups warn against 'factory' fish farming in federal waters

New England fishermen and environmental groups are working to prevent the growth of industrial-size fish farms in U.S. open waters. They said …

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A well-designed riparian buffer can prevent 80% of excess nutrients from entering rivers and streams. (Adobe Stock)
Most SD surface waters fall below state quality standards

There are nearly 150,000 miles of rivers and streams in South Dakota, but new data show many of those don't meet state standards for safe water …

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported ammonia is often found in surface waters surrounding concentrated animal feeding operations. The ammonia causes oxygen depletion from water, which itself can kill aquatic life. (Adobe Stock)
Environmental lawyer: CAFOs not just a NIMBY issue

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a month to respond in court to a new lawsuit concerning a factory farm in the central part of the st…

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The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 9.2 million lead pipes are currently used across the nation. (Adobe Stock)
New maps show progress on NY lead service line replacement

New maps show the extent of New York State's lead pipe replacement program. They demonstrate progress in replacing lead service lines, although the …

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More than 80 national park units, including Rocky Mountain National Park, sit next to public lands managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. (Adobe Stock)
New BLM rule could help protect America's national parks

As critics work to roll back new Bureau of Land Management rules, public lands advocates are defending the agency's move to put conservation uses on …

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