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Thursday, September 28, 2023

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UAW strike continues: Officials say EPA standards must catch up; Mississippians urged to register to vote ahead of the Nov. 7 general election; NYers worry about impacts of government shutdown.

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Senate leaders advance a plan to avoid a government shutdown, an elections official argues AI could be a threat to democracy and voting rights advocates look to states like Arizona to rally young Latino voters.

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A small fire department in rural Indiana is determined not to fail new moms and babies, the growing election denial movement has caused voting districts to change procedures and autumn promises spectacular scenery along America's rural byways.

Animal Welfare

Many saguaro cacti were damaged or destroyed during construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall initiated by former President Donald Trump and funded by taxpayers. (Photo courtesy: LaikenJordahl)
NM Saw Lasting Consequences from Trump's U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

The unprecedented attempt to build a wall along the U.S. Mexico border has had devastating effects on wildlife from which they may not recover…

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U.S. medical costs associated with tick-borne diseases are substantial, with Lyme disease alone resulting in anywhere between $712 million and $1.3 billion in annual treatment costs, according to John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. (Adobe Stock) <br />
Multi-State Effort Begins to Study Dramatic Tick Increase in New England

Scientists in rural New England are working to better monitor and manage tick populations as climate change helps fuel their dramatic increase…

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The Human League says factory farming causes significant damage to rural communities, surrounding environments, and the farmed animals themselves. (zhang yongxin/Adobe Stock)
Rural Advocacy Groups: Corporate Farming Infringing on MO Family Farms

Despite the goal to unite Missourians around a common cause, rural advocacy groups have been pushing the EPA for more regulation from the Clean …

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Recent modeling shows that the increase in Chronic Wasting Disease prevalence due to feedgrounds will lead to a greater elk population decline within a 20 year time period. (Adobe Stock)
Winter Feeding Plan Too Slow for Chronic Wasting Disease

What began as an emergency measure - to help Wyoming elk herds hit by a series of extremely harsh winters in 1909 - has become a major source of conte…

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When the summer heat becomes unbearable, pet owners are urged to go to great lengths to keep their animals cool, including a constant stream of safe drinking water. And experts say you should never assume your pet can swim, and you should monitor them at all times near the water. (Adobe Stock)
During Hotter Stretches, Pets Need to Stay Cool, Too

Next week, parts of Wisconsin will see the return of near 90-degree temperatures. Animal rights voices say as hot stretches become more common…

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Fall asters (New England asters) and goldenrods are considered two of the most important fall flowers for honey bees and bumble bees, providing some of the last fresh food they will eat before the winter freeze. (Adobe Stock)
Honey Bee Colonies Remain “Relatively Stable” Despite Multiple Threats

Parasites and extreme weather led to the loss of nearly half of America's managed honey bee colonies over the past year, according to a new survey…

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According to the group, using FBI figures, Indiana ranked 7th among states in 2021 for the number of animal cruelty cases, with 627 incidents.(Adobe Stock)
Indiana Shelter Stresses Animal Kindness

Hoosiers are enjoying the arrival of summer, but it is not the only important event on the calendar this week. For more than 30 years, the third …

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Park district leaders faced with controlling higher populations of Canadian geese say too many of them pose public health and safety risks. But some management plans rely on killing groups of birds, which animal-rights groups say is costly and ineffective, in addition to being cruel. (Adobe Stock)
WI Cities Face Pressure to Stop Euthanizing Geese

If you've been to a Wisconsin park recently, chances are you have noticed lots of geese. Their populations have trended upward, and animal rights …

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According to the Mars Veterinary Health study, nearly 41,000 additional veterinarians will be needed to meet the needs of companion animal health care by 2030. (Adobe Stock)
AZ Governor Enacts Law Allowing Telemedicine for Pets

In Arizona, telemedicine is now not only available for humans but also for people's beloved animals. Last month Governor Katie Hobbs signed Senate …

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While there has been some backlash from customers, a number of states have adopted laws that allow dogs to be at outdoor restaurants, so long as they stay away from food preparation. (Adobe Stock)
Dining Out with Fido? Experts Have Tips to Keep Pets and Patrons Safe

May is National Pet Month, and South Dakota residents considering adoption are urged to do careful planning - while also making sure dogs can handle …

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A trial involving three animal rights activists, charged with their entry into a breeding and researching facility in Wisconsin, is scheduled to begin in November. (Adobe Stock)
Activists Put Spotlight on Treatment of Dogs at WI Research Facility

A Wisconsin court case involving charges against animal rights activists remains in play. Ahead of trial proceedings, various groups are calling …

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Advocates for homeless pets say the best place for these animals is in a home with loving owners. (eight8/Adobe Stock)
Preventing Animal Cruelty Could Mean Helping People Find Resources

April is Animal Cruelty Prevention Month and some of the reasons pets suffer do not necessarily look like what many imagine. Nadia Novik, chief …

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