Saturday, September 24, 2022


The health-care subsidy extension a relief for small businesses; Consumer groups press for a bill to reform credit reporting; and an international group aims to transform how people view peace and conflict.


Condemnation of Russian war on Ukraine continues at the U.N, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says there's need for worker training to rebuild Puerto Rico, the House takes on record corporate profits while consumers struggle with inflation.


The Old Farmer's Almanac predicts two winters across the U.S., the Inflation Reduction Act could level the playing field for rural electric co-ops, and pharmacies are dwindling in rural America.

Animal Welfare

Environmental and family farm advocates say there's been a proliferation of large confined-animal feeding operations in states such as Minnesota, with most of them deigned for hogs. (Adobe Stock)
Rural MN Communities Fight Influence of Factory Farms

This week, a northern Minnesota county advanced a large-scale hog feedlot project. Opponents argued such operations are not what rural communities …

A new audio tour covers the Jackson area's main roads that area wildlife must cross, as well as Highways 191, 390, 22, Antelope Flats, and the routes to popular trailheads such as Old Pass Road, Cache Creek and Game Creek. (Adobe Stock)
Audio Tour Aims to Reduce Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions

More than 300 elk, deer, moose and other large animals are hit and killed on Teton County Roads each year. Wildlife Highways in Teton County is a …

In New Mexico, herds of pronghorn typically are found roaming the high plains throughout the eastern part of the state. (Steppinstars/Pixabay)
USGS Seeks More Funding for Big-Game Migration Mapping

A four-year project to map big-game routes throughout the West will end without additional funds from Congress - at least for now. Since 2018…

PETA wants the government to change its rules that allow
PETA Calls on Feds to Stop Approving “Humane” Labels on Meat

Government labels on meat products that say "humane" or "raised in a stress-free environment" are meaningless, according to some animal-rights groups…

According to the Audubon Society, 34 states have passed measures regulating lead ammunition since the early 1990s. (Adobe Stock)
Wildlife Rehabilitator: Lead Ammo Poses Risks for WI Wildlife

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced it is considering a ban on lead ammunition on several national wildlife refuges, a move some wildlife …

The Rio Grande Basin provides critical habitat to sandhill cranes, migratory and wintering waterfowl and many other species. (
Champions for Biodiversity Want Biden Administration to Do More

Land-use changes, pollution, and climate change all contribute to declining biodiversity. Now a broad group of U.S. lawmakers wants the Biden …

A bobcat uses a culvert to travel underneath a highway. (National Park Service)
Bill to Build More CA Wildlife Crossings Gets Hearing Tomorrow

Between 2016 and 2020, more than 44,000 Californians reported hitting a wild animal with a vehicle. So tomorrow, state lawmakers will consider a …

In 2021, three endangered grizzly bears were killed through the USDA's Wildlife Services program. Of more than 400,000 wild animals killed, at least 2,700 were killed unintentionally. (Adobe Stock)
USDA’s Wildlife Services Killed More Than 400,000 Native Wildlife in 2021

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's latest report on its wildlife killing program, which aims to reduce the loss of livestock to carnivores…

Safe wildlife passages, either under or over roads, are estimated to have reduced collisions by more than 80%, according to Pew Charitable Trusts. (BridgetDonaldson/
NM Summit Works to Solve Safe Passage for People, Wildlife

Shrinking wildlife habitat puts big-game animals at greater risk of colliding with cars and trucks, and has led to the Wildlife Corridors Action Plan …

New Mexico could benefit from a competitive federal grant program that provides funding for safe wildlife corridor projects, but it requires 20% in matching funds. (
Crossing to Safety Endangers Animals, People

A Wildlife Corridors Action Plan for New Mexico identifies 11 priority "safe passage" projects, such as underpasses and overpasses, to improve driver …

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are investigating high numbers of manatee deaths along Florida's Atlantic coast. (Florida Fish and Wildlife/Flickr)
A Christmas Eve Memorial for Florida Manatees

A record number of manatees have died this year, more than a thousand, and conservation groups warn hundreds more will die from starvation and …

After COVID shuttered large meat-packing operations, many Nebraskans were able to purchase locally produced meat processed at local lockers. (Adobe Stock)
Advocates Make Case for Expanding Main Street Meat Lockers

Advocates for independent rural farmers are urging state lawmakers to beef up mom-and-pop meat processing and storage capacity using American Rescue P…


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