Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Maryland Democrats push for an early primary election date in 2024, LGBTQ+ advocates endorse New Mexico primary candidates, and Ms. magazine relaunches its 1972 "We Have Had Abortions" petition.


President Biden says the U.S. would aid Taiwan if China invades, Ukraine's president addresses the World Economic Forum, and the Supreme Court weakens a path for incarcerated people to challenge their convictions.


From off-Broadway to West Virginia: the stories of the deadly Upper Big Branch mine explosion, baby formula is on its way back to grocery shelves, and federal funds will combat consolidation in meatpacking.

Report: College Degrees Boost Income; TN Program Helps Adult Learners


Monday, January 24, 2022   

A new study adds to evidence that higher-education credentials can increase a person's earning power over a lifetime.

The research from economists at Kansas State University says completing a bachelor's degree increases a person's income by around $4,000 right after graduation, with additional jumps of more than $1,000 in following years.

Emily House, executive director of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, said the state is concerned about economic mobility and workforce development as fewer people return to college.

"We've really seen a sharp decrease in enrollment of adult learners," said House, "so, adults coming back to higher education, or engaging in higher education for the first time as adults."

She added the colleges are reaching out to community organizations and faith groups, and partnering with employers to help people find about retraining opportunities. And the state's Reconnect Navigators can help guide a person through the process of going back to college or enrolling for the first time.

More information about navigators is online at 'tnreconnect.gov.'

House said adult learners have options through the state's Reconnect Program, and notes that those who meet certain criteria may even be able to attend a local community college without paying tuition or fees.

"A lot of financial aid opportunity for those choosing to go back to school as an adult," said House. "We have a call center here at the Higher Ed Commission; we have a lot of outreach specialists. Anybody who needs additional information can find us on the web, as well as just via phone."

State data show enrollment has declined at every Tennessee community college, with the number of first-time, full-time college students falling by 19% compared to before the pandemic.

Support for this reporting was provided by Lumina Foundation.

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